Half Shares now Available!

We’ve got exciting news on the CSA front here at Stone’s Throw: we’ve decided to offer half shares for the 2012 season!

We’ve talked with lots of folks about our CSA this spring, and through all our conversations, we’ve heard that many city dwellers want the flexibility of a smaller share. So, we’re listening to you, our potential members, and offering a smaller share. Here are a few details:

  • The half share will be determined by the farm- sometimes it will mean that you get half the amount of a particular veggie, while sometimes it will mean that you don’t get a particular crop one week.
  • Half shares will be priced on a self-selecting sliding scale from $250-$350.
  • Half shares will contain half the volume of produce, so about 5-7 lbs per week, enough for 1-2 moderate vegetable eaters.

If you’ve already signed up to split a full share with someone else, fear not! our full shares are priced slightly lower, proportionately, and you’re building connections with neighbors and friends by splitting a share!

And remember, if you think a full share is too much for you, it’s easy to do a little freezing and preserving of produce so that you have abundance in the winter, too. We encourage you to try it, and enjoy the fruit of our farm in full!



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