Settling into Summer

Memorial Day is past, CSA shares have started, our market stand bustles every weekend- summer is here! We’re excited to be bringing Week 2 of shares to all our members over the next few days. Registration for the CSA is closing TODAY, and it feels like we’re about to start settling into the rhythm of this season.

Tilling of new land is almost done for the season, all our long-season crops are in the ground, and we’re even sitting down to plan for fall crops! We journeyed out to Greenfield, where we have about 1/2 and acre of garlic growing, yesterday. Weeded out hip-high thistles and knee-high dandelions to give the gorgeous plants some breathing room to grow big, beautiful bulbs. And, we picked lots of scapes for the CSA and market this week. We’ll go back next week for more, but this week is your first bite of garlic-y goodness this season!

These are the days of long hours in the field, cultivating, hand-weeding, and watering our crops. It couldn’t feel better to work with the sun on our backs.


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