Heat Wave

What a week. We’re sure everyone’s been feeling the heat wave, and we hope you’ve all been finding ways to stay cool, or at least get cool for a few moments in a lake or coffee shop.  I’ve sure started dreaming about winter (Sweaters! Blankets! Snow!) in these days of 12 hours in sun.  But for the most part, this weather is just another lesson in living day to day, living in tune with the season.

I used to hate the heat, but I’ve found since becoming a farmer that I hold up much better when I just give in to it. When you’re in the field all day, there’s no pretense of staying dry or cool or clean. We look like animals at the end of the day, doused in a layer of dirt, sweating from every pore. There’s something freeing about it. And in that moment in the evening when the light starts to fade, and the temperature drops a few degrees, the day’s work is totally worth it.

Our crops have been surviving the heat well, as long as we give them a good drink every few days. Thankfully, it hasn’t been quite hot enough to make our tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash drop their blossoms, so we should still have a good crop of summer veggies rolling in over the next few weeks. Enjoy!



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