Muddy Boots

Just a week ago, there was still a thick layer of ice and snow inside our new hoop house. Now look!










Today, with robins singing and icicles dripping, it’s t-shirt weather in this little micro-climate. We’re planting greens! Arugula, we missed you so. We’ll get a quick crop of salad greens in this spring before it’s time to plant this space with tomatoes, cucumbers, and basil for a research project we’re doing on season extension, thanks to an MDA grant.

We’ve also moved all our little onions and brassicas (the kale, cabbage, collard, kohlrabi family) to our outdoor hoophouse, where they’re happy to get some real sunlight instead of fluorescent.


Look for us tonight on KARE 11 news with Bobby and Belinda Jensen. We’ll be on their program talking about our hoop house, and the power of compost to produce heat. Tonight, Friday, at 6PM and again Saturday at 9AM- or watch us online!



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