Catching up

Well, well. Spring has arrived. Or summer, or something in between. Best not to categorize the seasons this year. Frost Sunday night, and 90 today? Our plants and our volunteers are tough, hanging in there with us as we rush to catch up.

Not much time to ramble, so some pictures of our whirlwind weeks:

Getting the first brassicas in the ground, finally. Later had to rush to put up a deer fence, to prevent a veggie massacre like last year. Things finally looking up in the greenhouse as we get some sunny days. Later, all those onions got put in the ground, and are thriving! Rainy days spent building infrastructure, planting raspberries, making some perennial beds with brush piles from the weed trees we took out on 15th Ave. Yesterday was potatoes, today is hot peppers! What a season.

IMG_0250IMG_0257 IMG_0258



IMG_0259 IMG_0272


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