Week 7

It’s the time of the year when things just don’t stop. Or maybe it’s that time in the life of a farm- we all dearly hope that this is going to become less hectic and crazy as we gain the experience of years.


For the moment, there’s hardly ten minutes to sit and just breathe between waking, eating, working, eating, working, eating, and sleeping again. For a few more weeks, the weeds are on our tails, constantly threatening to set seed and infest our fields with millions of progeny. For a few more weeks, we’re racing to get crops out of the ground, beds cleared, and new crops planted. For a few more weeks, the tomatoes are growing so fast that as soon as we’re done pruning and tying them all, it’s time to start again. A few more weeks of mid-summer rush.

In the midst of this roller-coaster of a season, Stone’s Throw is undergoing a lot of changes. We’re trying to devote energy to rallying support to save our farmland on Maryland Avenue in St. Paul. We’re starting to spend time in the kitchen every week preserving the harvest- dilly beans and pickles this week! We’re attending meetings and putting together plans for the greenhouse project, which we still hope to get off the ground this fall. And we’re planning a whole new arm of our farm business.


This morning I want to take a few minutes to explain the rural project. It’s something we’ve been dreaming of at Stone’s Throw for a few years, and are finally undertaking next season. To start with, our big dream is for Stone’s Throw to evolve into a hybrid model of agriculture, with an urban farm business growing perishable produce right in the city, and a rural farm growing storage crops, grains, and raising animals. These two closely linked farms will be able to provide a large portion of the dietary needs of its urban members, while utilizing land most efficiently. We also think that this model of farming will provide a platform for linking urban consumers more strongly with their food system, and for educating our youngsters about healthy food systems.

So, to being, Klaus and I (Emily), will be moving to the country next year. Exactly where isn’t 100% certain yet, but we think we’ll be in southwestern MN. We’ll be starting out by raising lambs, pigs, and chickens, as well as storage crops for the veggie CSA. That means that by the fall of 2014, we hope to be able to start offering meat shares in addition to our regular veggie shares. We’re in the midst of much budgeting, planning, scheming, etc., and we’ll keep you updated as the exciting plans unfold.

Back to the present. You must be wondering about your share this week. It’ll be bursting at the seams, like last week, and will contain:

  • Cabbage (red or green)
  • Summer squash
  • Cucumbers
  • Carrots
  • Beets
  • Cooking greens
  • Cippolini Onions
  • Jalapeno peppers
  • Cilantro or Dill
  • U-pick green beans, flowers, and herbs

With the weather cooling down just slightly this week, maybe you’ll be inspired to turn on your oven for a little zucchini bread! 

Or turn on the stove to make some zucchini fritters.


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