Help to promote an equity agenda for the Minneapolis City Council!

To farm friends, supporters, CSA members:

Stone’s Throw Urban Farm would like to call your attention to an important rally on January 6th that will put forth an agenda for equity for the newly elected Minneapolis City Council.  The rally will be held at 10:30 AM on January 6th at City Hall in Minneapolis (more details here:

As the city council starts its new term, our farm stands with a myriad of Twin Cities’ residents urging the leadership to prioritize equity – closing racial and economic disparities – as opposed to maintain the agenda items of the status quo such as the tax-funded Viking football stadium.  We demand that the new city council works to provide access to stable and affordable housing for all peoples, focuses on closing educational and employment achievement gaps, and develops sustainable energy initiatives and prioritizes alternative land-use in Minneapolis.

As the Stone’s Throw Urban Farm project has matured, I have come to see more clearly the need for our farm to address more intentionally disparities of race and power, especially as a white person working largely in communities of color.  My interests in farming originated from a desire to implement my own ecological values and a fascination with the science and technique of food production.  Yet, I also strongly believe that long-lasting solutions to the major issues of our time will only arise from the education and empowerment of communities downtrodden by the dominant players of society.  There will be no true sustainable agriculture or local foods movement unless we challenge the status quo that impoverishes many and enriches the few.  Race, gender, and economic equality are equally as important as soil health, crop rotations, and agro-ecological farming techniques.  The right to safe and affordable housing, a quality education, and equal job opportunities are intrinsically linked to the right to locally grown, healthy produce.

We look forward to joining with you on January 6th and working with you all in the long-term for a more just and equitable Twin Cities.

Many thanks,

Alex Liebman, Owner/Partner, Stone’s Throw Urban Farm, on behalf of the partners of Stone’s Throw Urban Farm, Whetstone Farm, and the Stone’s Throw Agricultural Cooperative


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