CSA sign-ups, notes about the cooperative and more

As the sunlight persists into the evening and the days finally climb into the double digits, we are more and more excited for the spring.  We have been working to modify our bicycle-powered salad spinner, constructing a propane flame weeder for our carrot crops, and organizing incessantly for the coming season.  This coming week we are going to begin working with the Riverton Community Housing at the University of Minnesota to design garden beds and a production plan for their residents.  Some garden beds will sit atop the Chateua – a bohemoth housing structure in Dinkytown (http://chateau.riverton.org/).  We are quite excited about this opportunity.

The CSA sign-up site is up and running.  Please follow the link: https://stonesthrowagcoop.com/ to access the CSA registration page.  Our home website stonesthrowurbanfarm.com also has a link at the top of the page.  We want to thank all of our loyal customers for their patience and critiques as we have worked through the glitches and bugs in designing the cooperative website.

As the season progresses, we hope to use this blog as a space to present the stories of all participating members of the cooperative.  The members come from many different backgrounds – a farm-owner originally from Mexico City, farmers from a small town, Agua Gorda, in Mexico, and urban dwellers trying their hand at raising animals.  As stated on the co-op website, the participating farms are Cala Farms, Whetstone Farm, Agua Gorda Cooperative, La Familia Cooperative and Stone’s Throw Urban Farm.  

This year we will be running a CSA cooperatively – produce will come from all participating farms and management decisions will be made collectively.  We are excited to be working together to develop a cooperative that creates livelihoods for beginning farmers, strengthens our regional food system, and provides you all with fresh, healthy food week after week.  Please feel welcome to ask questions about the co-op organization, the history behind the co-op, or the produce you are receiving in your box each week.

Many thanks for your ongoing support,




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