Urban Agricultural Amendments at the State Level: Make your voice heard tomorrow at 3:30 PM @ State Capitol

Urban farm supporters:

Our friend Michael Chaney, director of Project Sweetie Pie, has just notified us that a large group of people will be amassing at the Capitol TOMORROW at 3:30 PM to a hearing on two bills pertaining to the development of urban agriculture in Minnesota.  Please see below to read message from Michael:

“The Council on Black Minnesotans (COBM) holds its day at the Capitol tomorrow, Weds Feb 26th, to give our communities of African descent (and our friends) a chance to be heard by our elected officials. Projects Sweetie Pie is helping to bring urban farmers and food justice advocates and food security organizations to a hearing on amendments to two bills: Urban Fresh Food Access & Food Desert Eradication Initiative Summary:  A bill for an act relating tosustainable agriculture; modifying certain programs and grants; amending Minnesota Statues 2012, sections 17.115, subdivisions 2,3; 17.116; 17.1161 and the Urban Agriculture Land Use Planning Initiative 

Summary: A bill for an action relating to state government; adding urban agriculture and aquaculture development zones in land use planning; amending Minnesota Statutes 2012, section 473.859, subdivisions 1,2,5.

Both pieces of legislation are being sponsored and authored by our food justice ally Representative Karen Clark.”

Other details about the day can be found at http://www.councilonblackmn.com/Moving.

Michael Chaney can be reached at (763) 227-4881

Please head to the Capitol if you like to eat good food and want to see more good food grown near where you live.

Many thanks for your support,



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