Greens! An Ode from Caroline

A Salad Advocacy PSA

We’ve made it to July farm subscribers! While my ideas for blog posts are generally inspired by the political threads tying together a non-contiguous farm in the city, on this rambling Sunday I feel compelled to highlight some on the ground happenings.

The month of June has been a salad jubilee- greens bursting out of the ground, our refrigerators, and lunch boxes. While it’s temping to wait out the season for some of the more charismatic bounty of fall, I want to advocate for salad- the early, tender, and unsung hero of the season. Since the urban farm began working within the context of a larger urban-rural cooperative this past season, we have been able to focus on space intensive and perishable crops that make the most sense to grow in the city. Salad is one of these crops and accordingly a significant amount the farm routine is an ode to these lovely leaves.

 Should you be unsure of how to best ingest, here are some of the farm’s favorite preparations to prevent malaise:

• An anonymous salad and donut lunch eaten at the farm this week.

• The Larsen family PB(G!) & J sandwich.

• Breakfast salad

In conclusion: enjoy, revere, and eat your salad greens.

Arugula always,


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