Stone’s Throw is hiring a field manager for the 2015 season

Farm community:

We are excited to announce that there will be a job opening with Stone’s Throw Urban Farm this coming season.  Please see below for details and we hope that you will apply:

Stone’s Throw Urban Farm LLP

3217 17th Avenue South

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407

(612) 454-0585

Request for Application: Field Manager

Farm Description:

Stone’s Throw Urban Farm is a 2.5-acre diversified vegetable operation located on previously vacant land throughout Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Our farm plots are located in the Frogtown and North End neighborhoods of Saint Paul and throughout South Minneapolis. Our goal is to create a financially viable and sustainable business that improves the ecological health of the land we farm and uses on farm education to facilitate greater efforts toward realizing a more just food system. While we have spent the last few years focusing on building the vegetable operations and sales, we remain committed to our larger goals of long-term land access for urban agriculture, changes in the city to strengthen food production, and the development of neighborhood-based farms that provide benefit to surrounding community. The farm is owned and managed by three partners, Alex Liebman, Robin Major, and Eric Larsen. Caroline Devany works as a full-time employee, splitting time between field tasks, community engagement, and organizing work. While the farm is currently organized as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), we continue to explore the most effective way to organize our farm business in a way that is efficient, logical, and promotes our political and social beliefs.

Job Description:

Stone’s Throw Urban Farm is looking for one full-time employee to perform duties in all aspects of the farm including fieldwork, harvest, infrastructure maintenance, composting, office duties, and marketing. We are looking for a focused, diligent, and enthusiastic worker who will confidently and comfortably perform tasks to a high-degree of completion and professionalism. Depending on past experience and skills the Field Manager will be responsible for tasks such as managing harvest crews, greenhouse duties, and fixing and building infrastructure. The Manager will be expected to routinely lead volunteer crews, manage high school workers, and coordinate work-share volunteers.

The Manager will be expected to operate with a considerable degree of autonomy and independence, with competency in tasks such as machine operation and maintenance, harvesting, and vegetable deliveries. Farming within the city provides a unique set of challenges not faced by many rural vegetable operations. The employee will need to be flexible and creative as unforeseen problems and obstacles inevitably arise throughout the growing season. We need creative input to help shape the direction of Stone’s Throw Urban Farm into a more efficient, productive, and inclusive farm that strengthens the Twin Cities’ food system and serves as a relevant amenity to surrounding communities. The Manager will be expected to play a role in actively shaping the direction of Stone’s Throw Urban Farm.


  • Two years farming experience on a production farm
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, intense work environment
  • Steadfast attention to detail and quality control
  • Experience operating and maintaining trucks, tractors, power tools
  • Knowledge of and interest in sustainable and organic agriculture techniques
  • Willingness to work conscientiously and patiently for long periods of time in potentially extreme weather conditions
  • Desire to work in a diverse, urban environment and work with neighbors, neighborhood initiatives, and other farmers to advance the goals of Stone’s Throw Urban Farm for a more equitable food system.


  • Field tasks: bed preparation, seeding, transplanting, weeding
  • Harvest: managing Minneapolis harvest crew, washing and packing
  • Sales: farmers market, restaurant deliveries, running CSA drop-off
  • Coordination: of work-share volunteers, high school students, and volunteers

Applicants with a long-term interest in pursuing agricultural careers are strongly encouraged to apply. Partnership and/or profit-sharing arrangements will be made available to qualified and dedicated employees.

Duration: March 1- December 1

Hours: 50 hours/week (on average, hours will vary by month)

Pay: $13000 – 15000 (commensurate on experience and success of 2015 season)

Please include a cover letter, resume, and two references with contact information. Your cover letter should state: your interest in working with Stone’s Throw Urban Farm, a brief overview of your agriculture/professional/educational experience, and a few things you hope to learn and/or accomplish in working at the farm.

Stone’s Throw Urban Farm follows the principle of equal opportunity in regards to its hiring and promotion procedures. Stone’s Throw Urban Farm does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.


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