Accepting Work Share Applications!

Trying to maximize carrot weeding, donut consumption, and Democracy Now in your summer regimen?

Apply to be a work share!



Dear Prospective Work­ Share Member,

Thank you for your interest in Stone’s Throw Urban Farm’s 2016 Work­Share Program! Stone’s Throw is a decentralized 2.5 acre farm based in South Minneapolis and the Frogtown and North End Neighborhoods of St. Paul. We grow a diverse array of vegetables that supply a cooperatively­managed 250­person CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, local restaurants, grocery stores, two weekly farmers markets. Through our work, we hope to develop a farm that is an agent of economic and social change, empowering its owners, workers, and neighbors to grow nutritious food, employ and develop ecological farming methods, and work collectively to establish equitable and just systems of food and land access in the city.

Workshare Expectations

This application is for a full season work­share trade with our farm. Full season work­share members typically make a season long commitment to the farm, with anticipated work beginning in early June and running through early October. Workshare members provide an average of 4 hours of labor per week in exchange for weekly credit at farmers market during the season’s peak, an estimated 18 weeks. We expect workshare members to be thoughtful about this commitment, respecting that our farm is a small independent business in which farm owners and employees earn a livelihood through selling the produce that we grow. We are looking for workshare members that are dependable, punctual, and able to work at an efficient pace with attention to detail.


Our farmers market stands are regularly stocked with salad greens, cooking greens, radishes, beets, carrots, peppers, and heirloom tomatoes (later in the season), along with a variety of other seasonal vegetables. At the beginning of the workshare season, workshares will choose one of our Saturday farmers market locations, either the Midtown Farmers Market or Mill City Farmers Market to access $20 worth of weekly market credit for the 18 week season peak. Due to our need to stock the market booth consistently, credit will not accrue if unused on a given week. This trade will make the most sense for those that can regularly make it to market on Saturdays. A limited number of make up shifts will be available and scheduled for Wednesday afternoons at CSA pickup locations. Note: Given spatial constraint in the city, our farm does not produce certain crops such as cabbage, storage onions, eggplant, broccoli, summer squash, potatoes, and winter squash.

Application Process:

We will review all work­share applications and set up a time to meet with applicants we feel may be a good fit for our farm. Due to the high volume of applications and limited number of work­shares available, we will regrettably not be able to accept all applicants. Thank you for taking the time to apply.

Please complete the attached application and return to Stone’s Throw Urban Farm by April 8th, 2016. Applications can be submitted by email to: with subject line: workshare or by mail to: Stone’s Throw Urban Farm, 3217 17th Ave S, Minneapolis MN 55407. If you have any questions, feel free to call the farm at (​612) 454­0585 ​or email us at

Work­Share Application Stone’s Throw Urban Farm 2016

Name: Address:

Phone number:
Preferred Method of Communication:
Are you able to commit to 16 hours of work per month:

Work­Share Members do not need previous gardening of farm­related experience to apply. The following questions are intended to help us design a rewarding work­share experience for everyone involved.

1.​Why are you interested in the work­share opportunity?

2.​What is your experience with food production?

3.​Many farm tasks are physically demanding. Do you have any prior experience with physical labor in varied outdoor climates? Do you have any physical restrictions?


4 . ​Are there any specific skills you are hoping to learn as a work share member?

5.​What skills could you bring to the farm as a work­share member?

6.​With exception to market assistance, work­share hours are scheduled during regular work­day hours, Mon­Fri 6am to 6pm. What is your availability during these times? Will your schedule remain consistent and accommodating to continuing with work share into the fall?

Available positions

The following work­share positions are available for the 2016 season. We are looking to fill approximately 8 positions. Please check or highlight all positions you would be interested in applying for. Please note your final assignment will fall under only one of these areas.

W a s h / p a c k : Help wash and pack produce for market and farm wholesale accounts. This is a weekly shift Thursdays from 9­1pm in Saint Paul. Must be able to meet field crew on the East Side of Saint Paul.

Field hand:​Help with cultivation of the Stone’s Throw Fields. Tasks will include weeding, spreading compost, transplanting, and some harvest. This 8­ hour shift alternates every other Wednesday, must be able to meet in the morning at 2820 15th Ave S. Minneapolis or 625 Dale St. N Saint Paul.

Market Stand:​ Help staff and take down Saturday Farmers market at the Midtown Farmers Market . This is a weekly shift running from 9:30­1:30.

Site Maintenance:​ Help us maintain our sites by mowing site borders and boulevards. Must have own lawn mower and weed wacker and ability to transport equipment between sites in either South Minneapolis or Frogtown, Saint Paul. Mowing will be needed once a week through July, transitioning to every other week through October. Partial cash compensation available, given longer season commitment.


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